About Factory Automation Products

We supply excellent Japanese Factory Automation Products to overseas factories. Although the Japanese manufacturing industry now has factories all over the world, they have to supply the necessary Factory Automation Products such as sensors and control equipment like PLC to the factories by exporting from Japan, for not all Factory Automation Products manufacturers have expanded to the local market.
We cooperate with overseas local trading companies, equipment manufacturers, network of system integrators, etc.
We supply Japanese Factory Automation Products to the world.
On the other hand, there are also overseas companies that manufacture Factory Automation Products with good cost performance.
We are importing such Factory Automation Products with good cost performance from overseas to help reducing cost for Japanese customers.


  • Export of Factory Automation Products for automobile manufacturing line

    We are exporting Poka Yoke products for preventing parts mistakes in the automobile assembly process to overseas plants of major automobile manufacturers.

  • Export of Factory Automation Products for LCD inspection equipment

    We export Japanese products such as power supplies for LCD display inspection equipment, connectors and cables overseas.

  • Export of sensor equipment

    We export sensor devices for FA (Factory Automation) used at overseas manufacturing plants.

  • Import/Export of PC/PLC

    We export both Japanese-made PCs / PLCs and overseas-made PCs / PLCs.

  • Import of machinery

    We carry out the import and procurement of labeling system from overseas as well as remodeling and introduction coordination work in Japan.

  • Export of other control equipments

    We export control equipments such as inverters, servo motors, and bar code readers overseas.


Factory Automation Products

  1. 1. PC / PLC
  2. 2. Sensor
  3. 3. Lamp switch
  4. 4. Inverter
  5. 5. Servo motor
  6. 6. Bar code reader
  7. 7. Dust collector
  8. 8. Labeling system
  9. 9. Robot system